100 days fitness challenge: week 6

these weekly updates of the 100 days challenge always remind me how rapidly the time flies. it also gives me a warm and nice feeling inside while reflecting the past and experiencing the retrospective view. i am glad i have chosen this way. 

this is another sunny and extremely warm sunday and the very time to describe the fifth week of the experiment. new things started appearing in my mind and i am glad to share them. actually it has been sixth week. but i have miscounted it naturally and left it in the text without correcting the number. this is a small detail yet an illustration of the fact that i have been living it so deeply and sincerely that even the number label has been forgotten.


as the last week i start with the main topic. the core of a nuclear power plant, the seed of a tree. plain jokes aside, i start from the psychology. this week has been rich with some new thoughts and lessons that i have learned. also these were not the most pleasant ones.

first of all, i fell asleep on a comfortable warm bed covered with sheets of my (relative) achievements. now this is a very serious and dangerous thing to happen to a human being. i have always been aware of that. yet this has happened. during these six weeks i have built some confidence and some good feeling about myself and about things that i do. i have been constantly living with this i am doing fine mentality. there is nothing wrong with cheering myself up. however when the success and wellbeing in one’s actions appear as a common state, the person becomes blinded by it. worst thing what has happened is the appearance of the i deserve this and that approach. this is a dangerous and sneaky illusion. i still do the thing, i still wake up early, visit the gym, go jogging and so on. however i have lost that grind and passion with which i acted at the very beginning at all areas. this is another trick of the brain that i have experienced. the mind becomes comfortable and says

‘you are doing great!’

just in order to stop putting so much effort and to get some rest and comfort. and this especially happens in some other areas than sports or daily regime. i still push myself hard when doing these heavy deadlifts and improving with weights. however i notice myself slowing down a little bit and giving up the control in other aspects of life. i use my achievements as a currency representing excuses and buying me comfort. it has become hard to control the time spent on my smartphone screen which distracts me a lot during day hours. also there are my financial spending behaviour patterns and other non fitness related things that i would like to be better at. i have had some things and plans in my head that are not hard to do. however they have not been fulfilled yet due to simple laziness and procrastination. the worst thing my mind keeps tricking me with is a thought

you woke up early today, you deserve to buy this/not to do that/etc.

the concept of feeling deserved is deceiving and usually misleading. therefore, i should get better at managing other aspects than these daily fitness activities.

the second lesson that i have learned during this week is the sunday’s long run day’s fail that has happened today. in the post about tips on maintaining a consistent nutrition plan i have mentioned and stressed the importance of setting clear goals and carrying them everywhere. i know how crucial this is. however today i have left my home without having one. i knew it was a long run day but i have not set up a clear distance or a route in advance. i based the distance on my wellbeing. and this is the straightest way to a failure from the very beginning. this is because if i do not have a certain distance goal in my mind and change it according to my perception of difficulties, i will fail. of course it will get hard soon and i will definitely want to stop before reaching the pre-set amount of kilometers. today was a really hot day and even at 6:30 am it was already 23 degrees celsius outside. of course it was uncomfortable. of course it did not feel very well. and of course i jogged less than i have been expecting. thus now i know for sure – each workout has to have a blueprint with certain numbers and figures. never base the plan, route or amount of some demanding activity on the way you feel during the event – this will soon inevitably lead to a poor performance and a white flag of giving up too early.

therefore despite the main activities of the 100 day experiment going well there still appear some issues and the mind is again searching for some shortcuts. it is again becoming not as smooth as it looked a few weeks before.

sports and regime

this week i went jogging four times: on monday, wednesday, friday and sunday. first free runs were started at approximately 4 am while today i left at 6:30 am. i have done one 15 kilometer run and three half marathons. the second half marathon was the fastest while today’s 21.1 kilometer sucked hard. it is nice to see that this distance step by step becomes usual for me. however i experienced some increases of heart rate towards the end of the week. this might be regarding harder outside conditions as well as my body being too tired. therefore i decided to back off a little bit for the next week and reduce the volume. i have been ignoring rest quite hard recently. hope it will not come back with a hard punch to my face.

during even days of the week i went to the gym. on tuesday and thursday it happened at 6 am right before the work and on saturday i started at 9 am since the gym opens only then. the last strength workout of the week was amazing. i spent only 40 minutes at the gym and performed only 3 exercises: weighted lunges, the overhead press and the deadlift. this workout was performed on a fasted state (as the majority of others) yet i managed to reach my personal best of deadlifting during these weeks: i ended up with a set of 5 repetitions with 140 kilograms. this is quite an achievement for me.

one thing which i have been procrastinating and ignoring my whole life is stretching. i have been thinking about it a lot. however it ended up in my head without being realised. therefore i decided that from the next week (i.e. from tomorrow, monday) i will finally stop ignoring that action and start stretching periodically. i am as flexible as a plank. and i know it is not good for my overall performance. however, due to my laziness and my mind’s demand for comfort i have been struggling to start. this is a very time to incorporate such movements because i would like to take a little bit lighter week with less volume. a perfect timing to concentrate on improving the mobility of my body.

nutrition and physiology

seems like these two aspects have been going really well. i am not dreaming cookies and cakes. there are no cravings at all. i eat right and well and just in order to provide my body with all necessary macronutrients and energy. i have been visiting eating places more frequently this week and therefore tracking amounts with less accuracy. however i eat good quality foods and do approximately evaluate the energy i receive and still avoid all forbidden elements such as candies, cakes, pizzas, sodas, juice and other similar stuff.

my body composition has been moving towards the aimed direction. i have lost a little bit above 1 kilogram of body mass during the week. it is amazing to feel the process of belly shrinking. pants that i usually wear become broader and suddenly the belt has to be adjusted. this is awesome since one of my goals is to lose quite a significant amount of body fat in order to run faster and become more athletic.


after all there are a few very important messages to stress:

  • first of all, never become blind and fall asleep on the pile of things you think you have achieved. if you have crossed some finish line it does not mean that now you can rest for an eternity. no, work as hard as yesterday and continue the hustle. 
  • do not get tricked by the illusion of being deserved. this is just another way of the mind to ask for some comfort.
  • be consistent with your goals. set them in advance and never base them on the wellbeing. this will obviously be hard and you will definitely want to give up at some point in time. have a clear vision. do not lose it and grind towards the aim.
  • do not procrastinate things that have to be done. just do them.

i wish everybody a nice and productive upcoming week.





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