100 days challenge: week 5

today is another sunny sunday. it is the very right time to sit down, think a little bit and produce a resume of this week. it has been the fifth in a row in my 100 days experiment and looks like things have changed significantly since the beginning.

time flies like eliud kipchoge. 

what i mean by that is that actually it keeps running so fast. 


as the last time today i start with a topic which for me is the most interesting and looks like the most important. a surface on which all skyscrapers of achievements are being built – psychology.

i have mentioned this earlier, but i will repeat myself again. finally a moment has come when all processes and thoughts that run inside my head have stopped considering the challenge as some dreadful unbelievably hard to cope with masochistic routine. i have reached the point when i am on a highway, driving at a high speed while listening to some beautiful music, turning on the autopilot, moving my right foot away from the acceleration pedal and just controlling the steering wheel with my hands as well as being ready to press brake with my left foot if something unexpected and bad happened in front of me. by this metaphor i want to say that finally it has become much easier psychologically to maintain the routine and self discipline despite the fact that the physical activity has even been increasing. such approach has step by step become my mindset rather than a challenge, i.e. something which i am not and which i would like to try and then throw away. and the mindset is very bright and positive.

it is wonderful to see how quickly and how significantly a person can change the way he or she sees the world only by changing daily physical actions and habits. also it is amazing to see how actually reachable and possible are things that when thought of a month ago looked like some magical utopia. i would like to state one very important idea that i have learnt during these weeks of experiment:

discipline does set a person free in a way nothing else does.

it sounds strange and paradoxical. from the very first sight i thought it could never be true. the word discipline sounds like some metal chains, silly routines, heavy boulders and other stuff. how can one be free when having to deal with such things? however the experience of last five weeks showed that i was not right. of course it might not look correct since i have never given the exact definition of freedom before using it in my quote. however, this is a very different topic and today i will not stop here.

in conclusion i can say that it is not hard neither uncomfortable. to be more precise it is not that hard and not that uncomfortable anymore. i do clarify because obviously sometimes there are moments when it is hard to run up some hill or when it is hard to step in a cold shower. it is also always hard to do the last squat or a deadlift. but i think that my brain have developed mind calluses in certain areas the same way they used to grow on my fingers and hands when i had been rowing a boat for hours many years ago.

the mother nature

during the week i had to remember one essential thing which i usually forget. one can generate a ton of ideas, plans and commitments. however. sometimes circumstances that you have no power to control will stop you and say no. this week such thing happened to me as well. during the night from thursday to friday i started feeling bad. i could not sleep and had a fever. the next day was even worse and the fever reached over 39 degrees celsius. i was taken to a hospital. it ended up with some prescribed medicines. on saturday i felt much better. however due to the fever and the low health condition i skipped my gym workout. by telling the story i want to stress the fact that the nature does not care about any of your plans. the germ i have caught simply does not give a shit about my 100 days challenge. it has to multiply and looks like it has found a perfect place to do that. therefore sometimes the set of circumstances can crop one’s ambitions. however i am happy that it has been only a minor disorder and i am almost ready to go further.

sports, nutrition and regime

during run days i started waking up at 4 am. this week i jogged 15, 20 and 10 kilometers on monday, wednesday and friday accordingly. it sums up to 45 overall kilometers. i planned to do many more. i went to the gym two times: on tuesday and on thursday. this happens at 6 am before work as well. i am happy to be able to keep the consistency and stability. progress in the gym, in jogging activities and in a heart rate can be observed. obviously after the health problem described above some kind of a decrease in performance will be inevitable but this is completely normal and should not produce a lot of anxiety or stress. i am trying to see a positive side in such situation: i have been resting for the whole weekend. sleeping a lot, drinking a lot of water and maintaining a healthy way of eating. therefore i think i will get back on track quickly and will start moving forward.

nutrition pattern has not changed significantly. during working days i always eat food that i prepare at home in advance. i do not have a static nutrition plan for every day. everything happens in a spontaneous way. i do pay attention to what i prefer eating and the variety is what i usually aim for. the main principle i have in mind is that it is essential for my muscles to collect a sufficient amount of protein. further it is very important to provide my body with necessary fats and carbohydrates in order to have energy for my daily activities. food that i choose is only a tool for fulfilling this principle. i am not trapped into a donut hole or lured by the smell of coffee. sweet stuff does not haunt me and it feels amazing. actually i have never thought it would have been possible.


during the last week the body mass has been fluctuating a little bit more compared to other weeks. a difference between measures at friday and saturday mornings was 2.1 kilogram. this can be explained easily by the fact that i have had a fever and have lost a lot of liquids. today i was at 85.6kg which means that it took me 5 weeks to lose 4 kilograms. this is the pace of losing weight that i have always been aiming for: consistent and slow. i hope that the majority of mass disappeared from the fat tissue. after the experiment is done i am going to perform the analysis of body composition which will provide exact information about body fat percentage and other important characteristics. then it will be clear which account of the body constituting tissue has been withdrawn the most. i am going to continue losing weight in such slow manner and hope that it will increase my running pace and decrease the demand on my heart performance.

the conclusion

all in all, everything goes towards the right direction. yes, difficulties appear. circumstances that are against my favour appear as well. plans have to be altered sometimes. however the mindset remains unchanged and consistency pushes me forwards. one more amazing week has come to an end and i know that there are many of them waiting ahead. i will not stop.

i wish a nice sunday for everyone and a productive week afterwards.

never quit when it becomes hard.



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