fitness: benefits beyond the body

from the first sight it might look as if the term fitness is mainly related to some narcissist guy lifting heavy weights and checking out the reflection of his biceps in a mirror. in addition to that sometimes a person who spends some time at the gym during the week is even considered a narrow minded and possessing the surface human values such as looks, the external exposure of a person, etc. however, this is not always true. in this article i would like to present my own view towards fitness, its benefits and experiences of my fitness journey.


setting the goal

first of all before the very beginning of the fitness journey a person makes a decision to start. usually this is caused by a feeling of dissatisfaction with one’s physical shape. there might be thousands of other triggers but the one which i hear most often is that the person is worried about the latter. at this moment everything looks as simple as it sounds: if i am unhappy about the status quo, i should start improving things that cause it. the same pattern of thoughts came to my mind as well and it was 10 years ago.

the starter pack

during the early stage of one’s fitness journey not much is taken into consideration. it all starts when the person starts jogging outside, buys some equipment to exercise at home, acquires a gym membership or joins some local sports club. of course because of the influence of the media the person has some primary knowledge about how to eat, how to train. however these facts at the early stage are just a mash of remains of theories and statements that the person has heard during his life from friends, media channels, etc. at that particular stage of the journey it is mainly only about the body. my beginning was very much alike. my brother took me to the rowing club and i started going in for sports. all i cared about was to attend the training session, move and improve.

the very first trouble

once the journey is started the person feels happy about the change that has just begun. first workouts usually are fun and encouraging. they make people feel better. and results are starting to show up considerably soon as well. sounds like everything is perfect. however at this moment of the journey the backpack of thoughts regarding one’s physical activity starts to fill up with some heavy rocks that become harder and harder to carry as the time passes. the person understands that after the happy start there is a necessity to continue going with the same enthusiasm in order to reach a goal that had been set before the very beginning of the journey. and this is the part where it might become hard. in order to achieve a goal which usually is set up somewhere high in the sky sticking to a consistent routine is essential. as essential as the cake on the table during that lovely family time on sunday and no less essential than meeting friends or playing video games during the time slot when the workout had been scheduled to happen. i experienced this as well. suddenly it became more difficult than just visiting the gym first two times.

it is a trap

that is the crucial moment. suddenly the fitness journey becomes something more than just a body thing. the person understands what does it take to reach goals that had been set. it is not enough to just show up at the gym twice a week. it is not enough to drink a protein shake after a workout and fill up the stomach with sweets and cakes the rest part of the week. it is also important to push oneself forward every time as well as plan ahead, prepare food, change or at least adjust nutritional habits and daily routine. the self discipline is a key at this stage. and i call this stage a trap because the majority of people quit at this point. they give up their goals because at that point in time it seems like

this is too hard.

this usually happens because people want the outcome, i.e. to look as the guy or girl on the magazine cover. however they do not want to put the effort necessary to achieve that. i have been in such situation hundreds of times. and many people have. the fear to leave the couch sometimes is so overwhelming.

the other side

to make things brighter luckily there is a fact that everybody should know:

once embracing all uncomfortable elements after some time the outcome starts growing exponentially.

and that is it. everyone who survives the hard part of the journey understands that actually this has not been that bad. the commitment and discipline that at the very beginning felt like a boulder on one’s back at this moment become light as a feather. it might sound weird or crazy but once overcome these difficulties perish and amazing things start to happen. however this is an extremely long and bumpy road of transformation of one’s mind described in a few sentences. but this is the pattern. i am happy to be able to write about it. because i have experienced it as well.

lessons learned

suddenly the person understands that this whole journey is not spinning around the body as the earth around the sun. all the body benefits are just positive side effects of discipline and determination, i.e. of these hard boulders that majority refuse to carry on with. it might sound really peculiar. it turns out that the fitness journey that has been started with an intention of improving one’s physical shape has been continuously growing and expanding to many other different areas. training the will muscle yields a positive result in many spheres of everyday life. after being in the journey for a long time one becomes better at all the things that are uncomfortable to be at. coping with things that used to cause a lot of stress and appeared to be hard to complete now look easier. therefore by committing to train one’s body the mind plays the essential role. and it played that role for me as well.


sticking to a fitness routine as mentioned before yields a great deal of improvement in other areas of life. personally i started to push myself into the most uncomfortable conditions i could think of during the training session. and the positive thing is that first of all i aim to train my mind. i know that after i cope with these hard conditions everything else will become easier. and it does become easier. patience in everyday life, self esteem and other aspects. and i apply this knowledge in general. therefore fitness for me is just a tool.

a spaceship that takes me to places i did not know even exist.

and fitness in this case is just a realisation of an idea. you can put any other activity possessing demands of similar difficulty in place of fitness and the same corners of one’s mind will be reached. and the same heavy boulders once carried will result in some kind of an overall improvement. and suddenly the effect will generalise leaving the primary goal subject as a positive side effect.

starting the fitness journey and taking it seriously was one of the most amazing experiences i have had.



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