100 days challenge: the beginning

the about me post tells that i enjoy experimenting and that i have decided to ask more from myself and to make decisions that at the first sight might look uncomfortable. therefore now i will explain everything in details.

before now

sports is not a new thing for me. i remember the very first time my brother took me to the rowing club on the 7th of october, 2007. i was a fat kid with long hair and cobain brain who wanted to improve his fitness. rowing is an amazing activity. i have been doing that for 4 years. after stopping i continued visiting the gym, running some kilometers from time to time, sometimes riding my bicycle. and now it is the summer of 2018. this means that for the last 10 years with a few short stops no longer than 3 months length i have been going in for sports.


during all these years i wanted to achieve some results. not to become a professional sports person and to participate at the olympics, but the usual fitness goals. i have been taking my green lacoste sports bag that my brother gave me together everywhere i went: school, university, office. i used to workout after all these activities. i liked that. everything was just fine, but.

i have not moved forward during all these years.

oh yes, of course i have. but not as far as i wanted. once i start talking about moving it is essential to define a reference frame. and yes, there are people in this world with respect to whom i have gone lightyears away from the starting point. however, i do not care about them. i care about comparing myself to me, because there always exists someone better and worse than i am. and i will use one or the other depending on the statement or quality of mine that i would like to prove.


actually it is funny that i always knew the reason for my issue. and the reason is clear: i have been doing things that i wanted to do instead of things that i should have done in order to achieve my goals. i often hear people saying that the most important thing is to find the balance. however, i do not think so. if the goal is set very high, there might not simply be any space left for the balance.

therefore by often doing things that i wanted to do i was just moving backward and forward and, what a surprise, this would always sum up to zero. i used to be consistent with one or another component of training, nutrition, having a clear sports goal, can-do attitude at the gym, reasonable program and so on. however, the whole was not complete and i have been struggling a lot. result was set from the beginning to be negligible.

nutrition for me is the topic i could talk hours about. i cannot count how many mondays were “this one is for sure the one when i will do everything correctly”. and i failed. failed, failed failed. many times. in the morning i used to count margins of carbohydrates, protein and fats in my meal and in the evening i used to eat a large pizza with a soda and some milk chocolate for dessert. because i should let myself do that.

and this i think is just a classical case of human brain overtaking the control and turning the rest of the body into a zombie that tries to get through the shortest path to the fridge or to the mall for some goodies. no restrictions and decisions not to behave so work at these moments. and by this example i have in mind not a single case of human being craving for sugar. i am talking about the general case, when the brain omits the craving, the body reacts as a slave and makes brain happy. these are moments when the human being can use its major power – making a decision. however.

time passed and during last two years i have not been moving forward. even worse – i have been regressing. i used to gain some weight then lose it, then gain again, then lose again. and the roller coaster would go like that. three steps forward, four steps back. i hit the rock bottom when during last two months i gained approximately 10 kilos. i could order a mcroyal together with fries and sprite at the touchscreen mcdolands facility with my eyes closed. and a few additional burgers. maybe that rock bottom (a relative concept, for each is different) was necessary for me. my brain started throwing errors and warnings that

houston, we have a problem

why am i worried

it is obvious that the above described behaviour patterns resulted negatively. first of all, i started feeling a decreased overall wellbeing. mood changes, unnecessary weight, dumb expenses and so on. and it is also obvious that by sticking to such nutrition routine i could not achieve any fitness goals. i even started avoiding physical activity which had never happened before.

the solution

i knew my problem. all i had to do was to come up with some solution. i tried many different things. i tried searching for balance. did not help. or i was just too weak to stick to that. i failed many times. many many times.

i knew the main thing: i have to cope with these brain cravings for some actions. my brain used to insist on a lot of comfort. i used to agree. however this does not mean that now i sleep in the basement covered myself with a pile of old newspapers. i decided to start from small things: stopped drinking coffee that has been a huge issue for me as well. i used to have up to 5 cups a day. this messed up my energy levels badly. the very first days were like hell. the brain used to be very disappointed when instead of a regular visit to the coffee machine at the office i just poured in some water. i also decided to add cold showers. i have tried these before and i really liked the outcome. the daily regime was also adjusted. and last but not least i added the fitness activities. yet this solution is another the one which will definitely work.

no, this time i am serious.

100 days

so i decided that during the nearest 100 days i will not consume coffee, sweets and junk food. i will take cold showers, do fitness activities early in the morning, perform better at  time and expenses management. all this actually represents the main idea: i will embrace the uncomfortable, as they say. and i am really sure that in a long run this will definitely yield me some positive result. today when i am writing this post is the sunday of the second week. in my country the first weekday is monday. therefore it has been 14 days since the start.

the goal of this peculiarity

i certainly do believe that this will strengthen my mind and will make me a little bit less of a slave to my brain cravings. i do also believe that the overall quality and wellbeing of mine will increase. and i also do believe that finally i will achieve everything i wanted.

why do i talk about it

i am sharing these ideas and thoughts because i want to expose the experience and provide an example that once one masters his mind and starts ignoring usual brain cravings can achieve some amazing things. i think that many people in the world are coping with this issue every day. and maybe they just think about that a little bit less than i do. at least in the environment that i live in. i am not telling how to live correctly and i am not saying that i have found the universal truth. i am just experimenting and trying to find answers to my questions and sharing them.


all my 100 days challenge is just a day nap compared to what people around the globe are doing. two guys who inspire me the most are david goggins and ross edgley. the latter is swimming around the british islands currently and is planning to complete in 100 days time. and i am not going to lie – the number of days – it was stolen from him. if that person can continuously do swim – rest – swim intervals changing each 6 hours for 100 days, i can definitely stop eating some junk bullshit or chocolate.

the future posts will be describing how the challenge is going and most importantly what is happening inside my brain when i decide to ignore its cravings.

if a human being wants some unusual output, an above-average input is necessary.



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